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Amazing to work with!

Jeff is not only a great lawyer, but he's also a great person! He cares about his clients and goes the extra mile and explains the details. He was very communicative about our process and he always got back with us when we had questions. I would certainly hire Jeff again, and I will refer him to my friends and family! It was a pleasure working with him!


My daughters appointed att.

Jeff was an amazing attorney that was court-appointed for my daughter. He was very supportive, knowledgeable, on top of everything, and was always there for me with all answers to questions I had. I would definitely use him again or recommend him to others.


5 Stars!!

Mr. Adams was a great lawyer for me. He kept my best interest in mind while also letting me make the decision I wanted. He also communicated regularly with me about getting the stipulations of my case done. I highly recommend him


Falsely Accused

I really appreciate the service I received I was being falsely accused Jeff came to my defense showed how there was insufficient evidence for my case it was dismissed and I was very satisfied with his service.

-Yolanda Bounds

Mr. McAdams is a great lawyer. He always keeps me informed on what is going on with my son. He never makes decisions for my son unless we understand everything going on and he makes sure he always does what is best for my child. He's a great lawyer and he's always fought hard every time he represents my son. Time after time, he has gotten the charges dismissed or dropped. My son and I appreciate Mr. McAdams for all his hard work and dedication to us.


The best

My lawyer took my case personally as if it were his own. I have much respect for the man & have indefinitely saved his number for any time I need assistance. You rule Mr.Jeff!


I would highly recommend Mr. McAdams

Mr. McAdams put me at ease right away. He really listened as I explained what I needed. In a much shorter time than I expected he accomplished our goal. I am relieved to know that I have him in my corner.


Jeff represented me in Cobb County, Ga

Jeff helped me when I was in a horrible case that started as civil and exploded out of proportion. I can’t thank him enough for helping me win my case. He saved my reputation, my record, and my career!


You were more than a Blessing!!!

I really just wanted to say Thank you. You took on a case that has been going on for over a year and had it dismissed just like that, do you believe in magic? You gave my son hope and a brighter future to look forward to and all I say is, Thank you.


Prompt Response, Cares about Client, Works to Win

Mr. McAdams is a GREAT Lawyer. He has very reasonable pricing and his work feels like it should cost more because he does so well. He handled my case extremely in my favor and I walked away feeling very rewarded and like I got exactly what I wanted and then some. He is very prompt in his responses to me, the court, and anyone who may need to be responded to. He works to win the case in your favor because he truly cares about his client. I HIGHLY recommend him.


You can review it I have reviewed it

Jeff McAdams was an excellent lawyer. He helped me so much I am so happy that he was my lawyer he's smart intelligent he knows what he's doing and also he has a heart he is a very good man I thank God for him that he was my point attorney lawyer I don't know what I would do without him at that time God bless him and God bless his family he also worked on my keys for one whole year and never gave up I really do appreciate that so much he fought for me like I was his own son that's a good lawyer thank you very much


Great Guy accurate

He got my D.U.I dropped. He also helped me get my license back. Good lawyer. He gets an A in my book.


Experienced Attorney

I was satisfied with the results of my case once Jeff stepped in for me. I appreciate his efforts in doing all he could to make sure all was well for me. Thank you, Jeff!


Thankful client

Jeff was assigned as my public defender after I was charged with possession of marijuana under 1 oz. I'm a 22-year-old college student, so when that happened I thought my life was over. Luckily I was a first-time offender so I got off with just a diversion program. Jeff was friendly, professional, and very helpful. He guided me through the entire journey and reminded me whenever I had deadlines coming up. Jeff was very consistent with having me update him on every stage during the diversion program process. With his help, I met all my deadlines and finished the program in time. He even attempted to find me a job by referring to me one of his past jobs. Overall, Jeff is a good lawyer who genuinely cares about his clients.


Very thorough and to the point of what is needed. He was able to have the case dismissed very fast.


I would have ended up with a misdemeanor conviction on my record but for the brilliant representation of Attorney Jeff Adams who after tabling his investigative facts on my case, I was granted a dismissal. Thank you, Jeff!


Better call Jeff

I could not have asked for more out of Jeff. He was always available when I needed to discuss anything and was extremely professional throughout the process. He worked proactively with the prosecutor and suggested things I could do to help the outcome of my case. Hopefully, I will not need his help in the future, but I would definitely feel comfortable recommending him to my family or friends.


Couldn't ask for better!!

Very good lawyer, does everything he can, and everything you ask of him. He has your back.


Review for Jeff McAdams

I had several other public defenders and hired attorneys before Mr. McAdams, and they all fell short of providing me adequate defense. Mr, McAdams promised me the first day that I talked to him that he wouldn't do that to me and that he would make sure I was given my 5th Amendment right to representation of legal counsel. He was fair and unbiased and got me a better offer then the previous lawyer was going to try to get me. I highly recommend him to anybody.