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Criminal Defense Attorney in Marietta, GA

Standing Up for Your Rights

After being charged with a crime, you may find yourself facing steep fines or years behind bars. If your good reputation is at risk, you need to call The McAdams Firm, LLC in Marietta, Georgia. Attorney McAdams takes on felony and misdemeanor cases. He has extensive experience as a criminal defense attorney and will work diligently and consider every detail of your case when developing a defense strategy.

Charged with a Crime?

No Matter Your Charge, Jeff is There

You want to partner with a qualified domestic violence attorney or assault and battery attorney. Call Jeff McAdams when you’ve been charged with:


  • Inchoate Crimes: RICO, Gang, Attempt, Party to a Crime

  • Crimes Against Person: Murder, Voluntary Manslaughter, Involuntary Manslaughter, Aggravated Battery, Aggravated Assault, Aggravated Stalking, Kidnapping, False Imprisonment, Cruelty to Children, Aggravated Stalking, Elder Abuse, Sex Offenses

  • Theft: Burglary, Home Invasion, Entering Auto, Robbery, Armed Robbery, Hijacking, Theft By All Forms

  • Fraud: Forgery, Deposit Account Fraud, Financial Transaction Card Fraud, Identity Fraud, False Statements

  • Obstructing and Interfering: Criminal Damage to Property, Interference With Property, Arson, Escape, Tampering With Evidence, Obstruction of LEO, Terroristic Threats

  • Guns: Possession of Firearm During Felony, Possession of Firearm by Convicted Felon

  • Drugs: Possession, Possession With Intent to Distribute, Trafficking


  • Violent Crime: Simple Battery, Battery, Family Violence Battery, Stalking, Violation of a TPO, Sexual Battery

  • Alcohol Related: Disorderly Conduct, Public Drunk, Loitering

  • Sex Offenses: Prostitution, Pimping, Pandering

  • Property Crimes: Criminal Trespass, Shoplifting, Theft (all types)

  • Fraud: False Report of a Crime

  • Obstruction: Reckless Conduct

  • Drugs: Possession of Less Than One Ounce of Marijuana

  • Guns: Possession of Pistol under 18, Violation of Conceal Carry Law

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Working for You, From Beginning to End

If you've been charged with a crime, you need to choose a lawyer that has worked for clients in situations very similar to yours. Your future is at stake, so working with an attorney that doesn't have relevant experience can be the difference between a dropped charge and a lengthy sentence.

When you choose The McAdams Firm, you can expect to work with a criminal defense attorney who will remain available to you during all stages of your case. Attorney Jeff McAdams maintains an open line of communication so you'll receive quick responses when you have questions or concerns.

Whether you need a homicide or a theft attorney, don't hesitate to reach out to The McAdams Firm now to schedule your free legal consultation. During your first meeting, you can use this as an opportunity to get to know Jeff as an attorney and partner, and he will look over your case and lay out your options for moving forward and how to do so.

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