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Hire a compassionate family attorney to assist with your adoption in Marietta, GA

Have you decided to grow your family through adoption? The McAdams Firm, LLC can guide you through the process. Attorney McAdams can take on all kinds of adoption cases in Marietta, GA. You can trust him to help you make all of the necessary steps to adopt a child. Get in touch with attorney McAdams right away to discuss your options.

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Adoption Attorney in Marietta, GA

Trust attorney McAdams for all types of adoption

Attorney McAdams has extensive knowledge when it comes to adoption law. He'll be by your side from the start of the process to the end. Attorney McAdams can help you adopt:

  • A stepchild
  • A relative
  • A child in the state of Georgia

Don't navigate confusing adoption situations on your own. Reach out to The McAdams Firm today for the guidance and representation you need. You can depend on attorney McAdams to smooth out the adoption process as much as possible.